1. Spontaneous Dissolution

  2. Something to Say

  3. First Snow ~Filly Frolic~

  4. FOUL

  5. Wander: The Unfinished Soundtrack to a Nonexistent Indie Game

  6. Besides

  7. The Unfinished EP

  8. Perceptions of the Interior

  9. the hasty ep

  10. (All of the) Video Game Remixes

  11. 0verload (Paper Mario)

  12. The Light at the End (Sonic 3)

  13. Outro Is Intro (Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remix)

  14. Hang in There (PilotWings 64 Remix)
    YoshiBlade, KingTiger

  15. Making the Big Leagues (Mega Man X Series)

  16. Greedbuilt (Wario Land)
    Desert Catz

  17. Night Terrors (Sonic 2)

  18. Unexpected Challenges (Mega Man/Capcom Disney Series)

  19. Road Trip b/w This Is Madness! (Sonic CD)
    KingTiger, Main Finger, ladyWildfire

  20. Crystal Clear (Sonic 3)

  21. Love/Hate Relationship (Super Mario Bros.)

  22. Rustic Remixes (Sonic)

  23. Everything Is Glowing (Sonic & Knuckles)

  24. Robotnik's Recurrent Rhetorical Redundancy Regimen (Sonic & Knuckles)

  25. (All of the) Remixes

  26. BATS (KingTiger's Halloween Mob Remix)
    Daniel Ingram

  27. Oasis (KingTiger's Total Care Package Remix)

  28. Castle of Glass (KingTiger's Corporate Bureaucracy Remix)
    Linkin Park

  29. Supermassive Odd Soul (Mashup)
    Muse vs. MUTEMATH

  30. Good Time (feat. Carly Rae Jespen) (KingTiger's Chillax Remix)
    Owl City

  31. All This Time (KingTiger's R+B Remix)

  32. Mercy (KingTiger's Inconsistent Club Remix)

  33. Afterlife (KingTiger's Deafening Silence Remix)

  34. Mess of Me (KingTiger Remix)

  35. Made to Love (KingTiger Remix)

  36. Odd Soul (KingTiger's Dirty Remix)

  37. Suffer (CoreMix)
    The Echoing Green

  38. Autopilot (CoreMix)
    Test Shot Starfish


KingTiger Phoenix, Arizona

I make heartfelt, eclectic electronic music.. Expect pop/rock remixes, video game remixes, and the occasional MLP song.

Buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com.com/kingtiger

Randall Corey Oltman

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