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Making the Big Leagues (Mega Man X Series)

by KingTiger

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[Ok, there’s no way out, there’s gotta be a way out!] [Look, here’s something! “Es-cop-ay.” I wonder what that means? It’s funny, it’s spelled just like the word “escape.”] escape route hiding from the great unknown cause I am an actor and life’s a show don’t hate you but when the scene’s unscripted all your good, can you please restrict it? get straight through all I want is the end like being average is the trend create truth it’s easy to fail the test when you are so afraid of success complete the trial to the very end and you know it’s final, can’t be done again but I know I’ll lose it on the final test I’ll never prove myself on this quest what’s the point of even going through this open door I’ve been appointed to I’ll only fail and fail again hey look, the trail opens up ahead so now I’ve got something to decide try it, or throw away my life I don’t think I can handle the strife but the other way, well, it cuts like a knife through butter in my imagination guess I really should be patient until my confidence comes around and I really can’t let my family down I gather my strength and push on through it I hope I make it, I hope I do it but then I trip and stumble and fall *sigh* I knew I couldn’t do it at all you can try your best to encourage but it only serves to discourage I won’t throw myself in the bottomless pit but now you plainly see where we sit self-defeat is the name of the game cause it’s not so neat to fell ashamed cause there’s always the chance that I could fail so I’d just rather not set sail I’ll push it aside and get on with my days I’ve got too much pride so I’ll just stay the same and you know what’ll happen? Ill just forget and do it all again the next chance I get don’t know what I mean by “escape route”? well, give me a minute and I’ll show you gotta prepare, make sure I’m ready endless reparations for when I’m unsteady huh? what? I guess I can go now um, but, I really can’t show how great I am if you don’t give me time how spaced I am if you don’t give me mine think about driving your car in traffic think about how far there is havoc defensive driving 101, now always looking for the way out disaster’s right around the corner I’m passionate as a hoarder of all these moments that could go wrong count em all up, they’d be a googol strong anxiety runs high in this town you never know when it’ll come around if there’s chance I won’t succeed that’s when it will come and get me I can’t do it, see, I cannot be the man that you really need from me maybe something will cut through the noise maybe I should go play with my toys what? no, don’t call me a boy now let’s pretend it’s the fall of Troy if I try harder, it might happen sudden clarity, instead of trapped in a box I built myself, now strapped in safe and secure, try to free me - I’ll zap him if I press on every day then maybe I will find a way and if you think you know then say how to make this thing go away I need to find some clarity but everywhere I look, I see chaos, confusion, and deceit who is there who can help me? need to find my confidence my faith in God never made sense because everywhere that I went I let others invent me but now I have to find time each day to put my foot down and I’ll say that I will stop being afraid of my mistakes I’m unashamed [Let’s go!] [Ah!] [Here’s Brucey!]


Each of these songs was made in one week for the SFRG: ocremix.org/community/topic/41336-mega-man-x-the-sigma-fortress-remix-gauntlet-2015/ Each track remixes my chosen theme (Grizzly Slash/Crescent Grizzly from Mega Man 5) with themes from various other Mega Man X games.

All of the songs were mastered by EDM superstar bLiNd - blindhandicap.com


released October 28, 2015




KingTiger Phoenix, Arizona

I make heartfelt, eclectic electronic music.. Expect pop/rock remixes, video game remixes, and the occasional MLP song.

Buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com.com/kingtiger

Randall Corey Oltman

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